Tuesday 28 September 2021

What is InstaScope Mold Inspection?

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New technology often improves business very slowly over time with very small changes in processes.  Occasionally, though, as was the case with InstaScope, technology leaps forward to change an entire industry.  The introduction of InstaScope has changed the way mold inspection and remediation companies function. 

mold testing using instascopeWhat Is InstaScope?

InstaScope is a portable wideband integrated bioaerosol sensor or WIBS.  WIBS are highly sensitive instruments that offer real-time detection of single particle measurements of bioaerosols.  InstaScope allows for the real-time detection of mold within a wall cavity, flooring system, HVAC system, or ceiling without a need for invasive action like removal of drywall.  Mold inspection and testing can take days to weeks doing it the old fashioned way of taking samples and sending them off for testing.  InstaScope offers nearly immediate answers, presenting results in mere minutes. 

Benefits of InstaScope

At Quantum Restoration, we quickly saw the opportunity afforded to us by the use of InstaScope to provide better service to our customers and improve our business.  We can now offer immediate results at each mold inspection without the need to cut into walls or take costly samples.  The in-house and immediate nature of our service gives us the ability to offer fast, efficient, and accurate mold inspections and remediation.  The benefits of using InstaScope for our customers are numerous:

  • The impartial analysis can be done with customers on-site so they can rest assured that the results we give are accurate and there is no personal, profit-based agenda involved.
  • Eliminating the need for an off-site laboratory makes things faster and more efficient and reduces the risk of error and lost samples. 
  • The ability to text mold within a wall or ceiling cavity without the need to do exploratory demolition saves time and money.
  • Accurate and fast results allow for project managers to immediately create and implement a plan of action decreasing downtime for customers and businesses. 
  • Case studies have shown that InstaScope decreases downtime on a mold remediation project from an average of 8 days to an average of 1.5 days.

Technology is always advancing and at Quantum we choose to advance with it.  Our use of InstaScope technology allows us to quickly and accurately detect mold within your property so we can create a plan of action and remediate the mold as quickly as possible so you can get back to normal life.