Tony Hemphill

SE Regional Manager

Tony Hemphill, SE Regional Manager

Tony Hemphill

Title: SE Regional Manager

Industry Experience: Over 25 Years

About Me:

Tony is a veteran having served in the Unites States Marine Corps, a Multi-talented Executive with more than 25 years of solid experience specialized in storm restoration, construction, high-rise, residential, commercial, telecom, and renewable energy project development.

Tony did not enter the storm restoration industry through your normal channels. Tony was introduced through the Telcommunication Tower industry with Hurricane Katrina. From repairing damaged and/or fallen cell phone towers to handling mold and mitigation issues on a massive level with small onsite equipment shelters scattered across the entire southeastern and into US territories. This is when Tony knew he loved restoration and would never do anything else.

Tony has an exceptional background in the public, government, and private business sectors building and implementing cutting edge tactics to reduce downtime and allowed for peak operations across multiple divisions. Tony has extensive corporate domestic, international project management and travel experience.

How can you not like Tony. Tony starts his day off with his infamous "Good Day" and Finishes it with "Be Safe". You'll like Tony as much as we do.