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Instascope® - Technology for Instant Mold Inspection and Air Quality Assessment

InstaScope® is the most sophisticated mold assessment and indoor air quality technology on the market, and is the only way to get mold inspection results the same day of inspection.

With InstaScope, a certified inspector can instantly differentiate between rooms with normal airborne mold levels needing no treatment and rooms with elevated airborne mold levels that may require cleaning by a mitigation professional or targeted remediation.

Don't wait for mold to create damage or an unhealthy living environment. Understand your indoor air quality and get your home tested for mold using InstaScope® from your local Quantum Restoration Services. Once you know the extent of your mold problem, a better, more cost-effective mold remediation plan.

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Do you know what you're breathing?

According to the EPA, all homes contain airborne mold. However, high levels of mold can cause poor air quality and unhealthy conditions. Mold can also signal structural issues due to water intrusion, damaging your home's foundation, roof, HVAC system and more.

At Quantum Restoration Services we use the latest technology to analyze air samples and inspect every room in your home so you get the most objective information on-site, same day.

Air Quality Information
Air Quality Information

Learn about the quality of your indoor air and assess mold and bio aerosols to ensure a healthy living environment.

Test Every Room
Test Every Room

Unlike traditional methods that limit sampling to a few rooms, get a whole-area assessment with samples of every room's air quality.

Reports On-Site
Reports On-Site

InstaScope® provides instant reports, saving you time so you don't have to wait days for lab results and follow ups.

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Better Technology
Better Technology

The most sophisticated air quality assessment technology that gives instant, objective, accurate results.

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